Food must be fresh - wherever ist comes from!

Make sure your products always arrive at your customer's plate in best quality. 

The transportation of perishable products is always on a watch and underlies strict conditions. An excellent quality management is your key to success and we support you to make it even better by making your supply chain visible. Visioboxx helps you to meet the hygienical and environmental requirements. 

This hand-sized device collects and communicates the following data:

• the precise position of your goods
• the temperature within the container between -40°C and +85°C
• the humidity within the container between 0% and 100%
• monitoring of container door
• monitoring of container vibration

You'd like to monitor your shipment while on the road? Then just log in to our online customer portal and you'll see that tracking your goods has never been easier. Just access all relevant data from all over the world!

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